Opera: Orion

Episode XIX: Pumped Up Kicks
Better run, better run, outrun my gun

Tarken goes for a ride along, joins another Void Serpent at a dive bar, and drinks his way out of his job at Thokcha’s Diner—but not before giving Jheral a chance to fall for him. Murders from both sides of the gang war lead to a massive ambush on the Void Serpents which culminates in Tarken killing Ilrask, leader of the Death’s Heads, in retaliation. The Void Serpents are forced to answer to their alien business partners, leading to a drastic change in Tarken’s situation.

Episode XVIII: Electric Feel
She gonna teach me how to swim

Jheral, the hostess at Thokcha’s Diner, takes Tarken out for a night of drinking, dancing, and drugs. Tarken gets recruited into his old gang, the Void Serpents. His task: avenge the streetrunners he actually killed by offing Bel Ruk, major domo of the Death’s Head.

Episode XVII: Angel of Small Death
No more alone or myself could I be

“I’ve gotten pretty far by acting like a hot-headed maniac, so I think I’m good. Plus, I have other, bigger guns."

Tarken returns to Juktas, the city of his youth on Matgaz, under the alias Brock from Dar Sai. He gets a “job” as a busboy at Thokcha’s Diner, a seedy eatery, after starting a fight there with members of the Death’s Head gang. After learning that the Death’s Head is rival to his old gang, the Void Serpents, he looks for an in to one of the gangs in case they may provide a lead to the Sekhmet (or the ribica). He finds one when he kills several attempted muggers who turn out to be low-level streetrunners for the Void Serpents.

Episode XVI: Black Hole Sun
Won't you come, Wash away the rain?

In the Attar Shrine, Tarken stands shaken at the deed he has committed. Memnon senses a psychic disturbance in Tarken and tells him that his role as the “prophet” is a function of alien influences on his mind—those of Transit and Tlarafk. In the Relativity Room, Tarken has a vision of catastrophic events to come as Memnon tries and fails to purge the imprint from Tarken’s mind. Ultimately, Tarken disavows his calling, commandeers a small ship, and flies off into space by himself.

Episode XV: Help Yourself
I can see you work for somebody big, so I'm backing your play

Without Tarken to lead them, the crew of the YMD Morningstar fights tooth and nail to defend the railgun and shield arrays in Forge’s upper atmosphere from a full-scale Clan Baal assault. Calchas follows Flik first to a railgun and then into a lixus carrier, where they manage to inflict expensive losses and “force” a retreat. On planetside, Tarken escorts Wes Obron to “safeguard” Attar artifacts; when Ajax and Vesta intervene, the ensuing altercation leads to Tarken having to put his mentor down.

Episode XIV: El Aguante
Aguantamos lo que vino y aguantamos lo que viene

Calchas takes the YMD Morningstar to Forge, where Tarken’s crew is meant to provide fighter support for the planetary defense system against an impending Baal invasion. Flik gets waylaid and seizes an opportunity to have vengeance on Sekhmet infiltrators and Tarken, while Calchas learns to unlock hidden powers.

Episode XIII: Nothing Else Matters
Every Day for us Something New

Flash Forward: The YMD Morningstar is under assault by Clan Dagon. Tarken leads a charge that makes Flik a hero and Wojtek an apparent martyr while Dr. Madison and Calchas discover the Betelgeuse compass is glowing.

In the present, Tarken is released from mental rehabilitation and informed that he will lead Calchas, Dr. Madison, and a crew of 1400 on the YMD Morningstar, a new Yara-Mal ship specially designed to leverage the capabilities of Calchas and Protagoras. The mission: hold back the new Lixus threat long enough for Vera and Governor Armstrong to reunite the Commonwealth. Tarken, now known as Commander Lightbringer, receives a lixus ""asset"" and a handful of specialists to aid in what is an apparent suicide mission. Their first task is to save Suffragan Wes Obron, Tarken’s old mentor, and his followers from a Clan Sekhmet siege on the moon Matgaz VII.

Episode XII: Sinnerman
Ran to the devil, he was waitin', All on that day.

Season I Finale

Calchas, Tarken, Vera, and Transit make a daring escape from Rigel V, only to find that they must return planetside amid rebel attacks in order to secure the Chasing Oblivion. At a remote desert escavation site, they find Sadren with the ship and new Sekhmet allies. As Tarken confronts visions of the past and future, Vera and Calchas dive headlong into the fray. Vera changes hands from Calaphon to ISCC to Yara-Mal (and an old friend), Calchas pursues the governor, and Tarken goes after his brother for a final showdown. The arrival of Tlarafk and the Thoth at the Seal, where the crew has converged, leads to Sadren’s death at Tarken’s hands, Calchas’s rescue of Tarken, Protagoras, and Doctor Madison, and the start of the Third Lixus War.

Episode XI: Instant Crush
So I chained myself to a friend...

Tarken plots to fake an assassination of Calchas following the latter’s eulogy for Anson Gilligan. Calchas dismisses Vasimir when they disagree over Calchas’s slight of the Gendarmerie. When the Gendarmerie moves to arrest Calchas, he disappears into an increasingly violent crowd of Pentium citizens while N’ru obtains an “attar flesh-sack” from Tarken. Tarken destroys the sack with his Entropy rifle, is arrested, and meets Vera in Gendarmerie custody. Using information given to her by the late Quosuv Schun, they escape and rendezvous with Transit and Calchas. They cannot contact the Chasing Oblivion, however, and Tarken receives a troubling message from Erebus Graves: Sadren already has taken Protagoras.

Episode X: Time in a Bottle
There never seems to be enough time to do the things you wanna do, once you find them...

Calchas mourns the loss of his teammates and accepts a request to speak with Gantak, the injured Director for the Ions. He brushes off a hungry media and does his best to keep his cool. Later, he is forced to make a choice: attend the funeral of teammate Anson Gilligan, or accept a Gendarmerie subpoena for questioning about the incident? Meanwhile, Tarken investigates through Drugu and is put in touch with Gabriel Zed’s employer, who has his own intentions for the kangal mercenary…


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