Opera: Orion

Episode XII: Sinnerman

Ran to the devil, he was waitin', All on that day.

Season I Finale

Calchas, Tarken, Vera, and Transit make a daring escape from Rigel V, only to find that they must return planetside amid rebel attacks in order to secure the Chasing Oblivion. At a remote desert escavation site, they find Sadren with the ship and new Sekhmet allies. As Tarken confronts visions of the past and future, Vera and Calchas dive headlong into the fray. Vera changes hands from Calaphon to ISCC to Yara-Mal (and an old friend), Calchas pursues the governor, and Tarken goes after his brother for a final showdown. The arrival of Tlarafk and the Thoth at the Seal, where the crew has converged, leads to Sadren’s death at Tarken’s hands, Calchas’s rescue of Tarken, Protagoras, and Doctor Madison, and the start of the Third Lixus War.



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