Vera Albescu

Linnean Political Aide



  • High Concept: Principled Political Player
  • Trouble: Bigger Responsibilities
  • Nothing I Can’t Solve
  • Judging Me On My Race, Are You?
  • I Serve Madame Governor and None Else!


  • great- investigate
  • good- contacts, linnean (Flavor: White-Skinned Space Babe—+2 to Rapport)
  • fair- athletics, deceive, fight
  • average- empathy, notice, shoot, will

1) Face in the Crowd: +2 bonus to Linnean when hiding between two or more people.
2) I Live This S**t Every Day: +2 to defend against Provoke attacks related to interrogation.
3) Computational Intuition: Use Investigate instead of Technician to obtain digital information.
4) Killer Feeling: Use Athletics instead of Shoot to make a knee-jerk reaction in response to an attack.
5) Ears to the Ground: Use Contacts to determine initiative order in an area where you have contacts. In fluff terms, they tipped you off to a threat before the fight.

6 current fate points


For as long as she can remember, Vera Albescu has been politically driven. Born to humans who settled in Rigel V as political activists, she was instilled at an early age with a passion for social justice and the fundamental dignity of all sentient life. After being tutored at home, she entered the world with pressure from her parents to become a politician herself. Vera, however, wanted to escape the leering eyes of humans who saw her only as a stereotypic linnean pleasure tool. After she passed her exams, she established a friendship with future governor Gertrude “Trudi” Armstrong, and she volunteered for her election campaign. Afterward, Vera served as the governor’s aide and confidante, and she was assigned to charm allies and digitally dig up dirt on opponents. Despite her unease with her sexuality, Vera maintained a comfortable living on her own terms.

Her job ended dramatically, however, when she dug too deep into the personal files on one of her friend’s foes at the weapons manufacturer Calaphon Arms, Inc. Megacorp soldiers rolled into Rigel V and openly raided the Capitol as revenge, leading most of the governor’s employees and supporters to disperse. Now, Vera Albescu is a woman on the run with no one to turn to…

Until she met Tarken, that is. The cybernetic Kangal mercenary helped protect her and retrieve information on the governor’s whereabouts and her dirt on Calaphon Arms, Inc. Through her travels with him, she even found Gov. Armstrong again in the custody of Yara-Mal. Now that Vera is no longer a fugitive femme fatale, she has parted ways with Tarken and his allies (probably for good).

Vera Albescu

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