Cyborg Kangal Mercenary



HC-Cyborg Kangal Mercenary

T-Prophet of the Third Lixus War

-Learned Brother of the Dawari

-Bad Fucking Guy with a Big Fucking Gun

-Yara-Mal Attack Dog



Good-Shoot, Kangal

Fair-Fight, Provoke, Athletics

Average-Academics, Notice, Empathy, Investigation


-Blood Scent (race skill flavor): you may use Kangal in place of investigation for sense of smell

-Toughness of Mind and Body: A guy as tough as you has no need to be afraid. You may use Physique instead of Will to defend against fear

-Gunsplosion: once per physical conflict, when you succeed on a shooting attack with the entropy rifle, you may place the aspect “Collateral Damage” on your opponent with one free invoke

-Entrench: once per conflict, stack an additional free invoke on an advantage you’ve created with Kangal to represent taking cover in a firing position behind some object or piece of terrain in the scene (like “Couch Foxhole”)

-Tough as Nails: once per session at the cost of a fate point, you can reduce the severity of a moderate physical consequnce to a mild consequence (if it’s free), or erase a mild consequence you take

-Cyborg Enhancements: Twice per session, you may take a boost representing the benefits of your cyborg parts

-Infuriate: Sometimes fear isn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get up someone’s nose. +2 to Provoke rolls whenever deliberately trying to get someone angry with you


Tarken was born on Matgaz, in the Betelgeuse System and grew up there with his older brother Sadren. He never knew his parents, and Sadren always hit him when he asked about them, so their whereabouts are unknown to him. They supported themselves by working at the docks moving small containers and doing odd jobs. Sadren grew to be very aggressive, even for a Kangal, which eventually got the attention of local gangs. Sadren dragged Tarken into one of the gangs, as he thought it lead to better lives for the both of them.
Their gang, the Void Serpents, became feared during their membership. Their standard of living went through the roof while their moral standards landed somewhere in the Matgaz’s molten core below them. The brothers became a powerful duo, though Sadren’s excessive cruelty got them into too much trouble. One day they went too far. He and Sadren went to pay a visit to a policeman who thought he could make the gang pay. Sadren dragged him out into the street and beat him to death with his axegun, and Tarken annihilated two civilians with his entropy rifle when they tried to be brave.
The response was an all-out manhunt, which they evaded by signing on to a pirate vessel.
Tarken and Sadren worked as shock troops for their captain, Captain Alaktor Drakkaas, and were always the first ones onto the vessel they would plunder. The intent was to get them killed so that Captain Drakkaas didn’t have to pay them, but they kept coming back alive, so he promoted them. Sadren made his way up to first mate, and Tarken earned a place as the lead man for boarding parties. Their six years of piracy went as well as one can expect. They oscillated between excessive wealth and terrible destitution. It was in these times of destitution that Sadren began to show his true colors. He became incredibly irritable, and anyone who angered him was likely to end up with a lethal wound. Tarken had seen this before on Matgaz, and did his best to protect people from his brother’s rage. There was an argument between Sadren and the Captain that ended badly, and everyone knew a mutinee was on the horizon. The captain preemptively attacked Sadren, which ended the captain’s death. The ship went to chaos, and brother fought brother. Tarken took a wound to the chest from Sadren’s axegun but managed to get away. Sadren opened the airlocks near Tarken as he fled, damaging his lungs but failing to deliver him to his spacegrave. Tarken managed to get to an escape pod an land on the planet they were orbiting.
He was rescued by a group of humans who, seeing his wounds, offered him a choice. They could try to heal the damage with standard treatment, or replace the damaged parts with implants. They were Dawari, and sought to convert this traveler. Tarken accepted the implants, since he thought that they would make him more fearsome and give him an edge. After the operation they gave him their holy books and locked him in his room so that he could meditate in solitude on their words. At first Tarken threatened to kill them in the most terrible ways he could imagine, but eventually he yielded and opened one of the books. Though he wasn’t a very skilled reader, Tarken eventually read through the stack and was changed. He was let out and began talking with the Dawari priests about the role of knowledge in his life. Knowledge lead to perfection, and Tarken wanted to be the best he could now that his tyrant of a brother was out of his life. He read and discussed as his recovery continued. His lungs had been removed an replaced with a hyper-efficient blood-oxygenator and olfactory processor. Instead of a nose he had a sensor cluster. Soon after he had witnessed the superior performance of the device he volunteered for another replacement: his legs. He could run faster and be a more effective soldier, plus he’d never have to put boots on again. There was more recovery time and more learning.
After he was healed he told the priests that he wanted to get back to work to apply some of what he learned to real life. They understood, blessed him, and said farewell. Tarken took a shuttle to a nearby hub world looking for work.


Opera: Orion tablebeasti