Current Fate Points: 3
High Concept—Clan Anubis’ Last Betelgeuse Infiltrator
Trouble—A Hive to Call My Own
3—“An Underfoot Figure”
4—Mandible-Clenched Teamwork
5—Everyone Wants What I Know
great – lixus (Anubis = stealth)
good – academics, deceive
fair – empathy, notice, will
average – athletics, investigation, rapport, shoot (note on use: sidearm as last resort)
Flavor — Male Anubis: (Lixus use as Stealth, and as Athletics for flight Advantages/Overcomes.)
Anubis Infiltration Technique: use Lixus to case locations (instead of Investigate)
Sneak Attack: Use Lixus to make physical attacks when your target is unaware of your location
Know Your Own Kind: Add +2 to Academics O/Adv relating to the Lixus.
Closed Book: Add +2 to Deceive rolls when using it to defend against an Empathy “read”
False Flag: +2 Deceive Overcome/Advantage vs. other Lixus.
Poison Injector: If you deal a physical consequence to a living opponent while using Sneak Attack, the consequence has an extra free invoke.


As a younger broodmate of a Clan Anubis queen, Flik the Kid had never expected to amount to much. He was somewhat sickly and very nervous in his childhood, and even though he became a promising infiltrator, his role in establishing a beachhead on the planet Sinjed was still small. Flik would likely have remained obscure in the annals of interstellar history if not for the arrival of Tarken, who captured the youthful lixus, the aforementioned queen, and other members of the Clan Anubis vanguard on a mission for the rival Clan Sekhmet. Flik’s sister was killed while he was tortured nearly to death, but the Yara-Mal megacorporation rescued him. While he recovered, he readily agreed to fight the other lixus clans for Yara-Mal and expected to serve with their employees, but he was unexpectedly reunited with Tarken and his allies on the eve of the Third Lixus War. Flik has resigned himself to joining forces with the kangal who once worked for his most hated foes in order to have his revenge on them…


Opera: Orion SwoopingEagle