Doctor Emma Madison

Preeminent Pando Scholar


High Concept:  Preeminent Pando Scholar

Trouble:  Knowledge Justifies the Means


-Distracted Genius
-Senior Researcher for Yara-Mal Scientific

-Protagoras, Pando Super Computer

4 Academics
3 Technician, Will
2 Contacts, Human (flavor: Human Ramble (as Blather)), Resources
1 Rapport, Stealth, Athletics, Deceive

Xenobiologist: +2 create adwantage about aliens
Hacker: +2 tech to break sensitive systems.
Reduction to Basic Principles: Once/session, FP to academics in place of anything else.
Focus Mode: Can take +4 Will to problem solving for an Overcome, with a -2 Notice while doing so.
Yara-Mal Funding: Two free boosts per session as a result of funding (Should be Materiel related).



Doctor Emma Madison

Opera: Orion ElevenofHearts