Attar Levitas Player


Currently has 3 fate points

Physical OOOO
Composure OOO

Minor: Rattled

HC: Incognito Attar Superstar
Trouble: Go Big or Go Home

  • Hardened By Forge
  • I’m Not Some “Chosen One”
  • Former Freelance Smuggler

Great: Attar
Good: Physique, Deceit
Fair: Athletics, Stealth, Vehicles
Average: Notice, Rapport, Resources, Will


Star Scholar (Race Skill Flavor): Use Attar instead of Academics to create advantages about charting space voyages.

Plasma Burst: Pay a fate point to use Attar to attack all enemies in your zone, roll once and all targets roll against that same number.

Plasma Ray: Attar can be used to attack a target up to 2 zones away.

Cat and Mouse: +1 to Overcome rolls when chasing someone or being chased.

Takes One to Know One: Use deceit to defend against lies.

Anathema: +2 to Attar Attacks against Lixus.

(Attar Active Cloaking): Once per scene, you can cloak while in plain sight by spending a fate point, bending light around and through you. This places the Cloaked boost on you. While you’re cloaked, no one can attack or create an advantage on you until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where you went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as you invoke it, or someone makes that overcome roll.



Opera: Orion Mechizmo