Opera: Orion

Episode XVII: Angel of Small Death

No more alone or myself could I be

“I’ve gotten pretty far by acting like a hot-headed maniac, so I think I’m good. Plus, I have other, bigger guns."

Tarken returns to Juktas, the city of his youth on Matgaz, under the alias Brock from Dar Sai. He gets a “job” as a busboy at Thokcha’s Diner, a seedy eatery, after starting a fight there with members of the Death’s Head gang. After learning that the Death’s Head is rival to his old gang, the Void Serpents, he looks for an in to one of the gangs in case they may provide a lead to the Sekhmet (or the ribica). He finds one when he kills several attempted muggers who turn out to be low-level streetrunners for the Void Serpents.



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